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Meet the sympl crew!

The sympl team is made up of data-minded, borderline-superhumans specialized in sales, marketing and IT. They’re what keep the wheels of your beloved software turning.

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how it all began

How it all began...

We’d be lying if we said the recruitment process is easy. For either party. The endless appointments, the wasted time – it’s exhausting. There had to be an easier way. Turns out there was. We live in a world where everything can be done online. Even recruitment.

and so

And so...

sympl was founded in 2016 in Antwerp, Belgium, with the goal of efficiently matching suitable job seekers with suitable employers. All this with unique tools and software, developed by our very own sympl crew. And ever since then, recruitment has never been sympl-er (See what we did there?).

technology with a human touch

Technology with a human touch

Sadly, we are not robots (yet). Our technology is there to make things easier for you, but if need be, our team is always here for you, through thick and thin; via email, chat or telephone.

Our partners

You are in good hands. sympl is supported by startit@KBC, imec.istart, VLAIO and a few top notch investors.

We work every day for you!

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