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Whether you want to know more about data-driven recruitment, recruiting on Facebook & Instagram or just online recruitment in general. This is the place to be!

On this page you will find all the necessary info to become a master in recruitment yourself,
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Our webinars about online recruitment are given live, but you can find the recordings here. Download them for free and learn all our best practices.

sympl webinar: Reach passive candidates on FB & IG

Recruiting on Facebook & Instagram


Want to reach job seekers where they are the most? In less than an hour, you'll learn how to reach passive job seekers, what the power of the Facebook Pixel is and how recruiting on social media increases your ROI.

joint webinar recruiting on tiktok

Recruiting on TikTok


Together with Alexandra from TikTok, we hosted our first joint webinar on the ins and outs of this platform. In this webinar you’ll learn how to create your first TikTok recruitment campaign, what the TikTok pixel is all about and the key learnings from our first successful experiments

webinar recruiting on instagram

Recruiting on Instagram


Have you ever considered using Instagram as a platform to find new candidates

In this webinar we’ll give you our insights of recruiting on this platform. You’ll learn how to create your firstrecruitmentcampaign, how to target the ideal audience for your vacancy and our keylearnings from our successful campaigns

sympl webinar: The ins and outs of data driven talent acquisition

Data-driven recruitment


Do you want to get more inflow for your vacancy? In less than an hour, you’ll learn everything about measuring data: what keeps candidates engaged, how long do they stay on your vacancy page and how many end up applying.

Workshop: How to set up a successful Facebook campaign

Recruiting on Facebook & Instagram

Practical workshop

Request the recordings of our hands-on workshop here. In addition to our webinar on Recruiting on Facebook and Instagram, where we look at the theoretical aspect of Facebook recruiting, here, we take a deep dive into Facebook Ads Manager together.

Webinar: Successful visuals for Instagram & Facebook recruiting

Successful advertising visual for recruitment campaigns


On average Belgians scroll 160m per day on Facebook & Instagram... And it's up to you to stand out with your job ad.

In this webinar you’ll learn which visuals work best and tips and tricks to create thumb-stopping visuals for your recruitment campaigns

Webinar: targeting changes on Facebook and special ad category

Special Ad Category and Targeting changes on Facebook


Do you want to know more on the special ad category for recruitment and employment campaigns? In this webinar you’ll learn what the new targeting policy of Facebook is and the impact it causes for your recruitment campaigns. Learn how to set-up your campaign correctly and how to use the Special Ad Audiences.

Webinar: recruiting on Tiktok

Recruiting on TikTok


Do you want to reach your ideal candidates on a new vibrant platform? 

In this webinar we’ll give you our insights of recruiting on TikTok. You’ll learn how to create your first TikTok recruitment campaign, what the TikTok pixel is all about and the key learnings from our first successful experiments 

Webinar: recruitment campaigns: Facebook vs tiktok

Recruitment campaigns: Facebook vs TikTok


Facebook is established social media royalty. But have you thought about recruiting on the up-and-coming social media platform –TikTok? In this webinar, we compare these two platforms and help you select the right one in order to target your ideal candidate. 

White papers

Our white papers make up a rich library of knowledge. Put your reading glasses on and find in-depth knowhow about online recruitment.

sympl white-paper: What is data driven recruitment?

Data-driven recruitment

White paper

No clue what Data-Driven Recruitment is all about? It’s about measuring all the actions you take to recruit staff in order to adjust your recruitment strategy accordingly. Ready to win the race of talent?

sympl white paper: Recruit passive job seekers on FB & IG

Recruit via Facebook & Instagram

White paper

While HR professionals often come into contact with active job seekers, it’s more interesting to reach passive job seekers. Read here how to reach these last ones via recruitment campaigns on social media!

sympl e-book q&a: Recruit passive job seekers on FB & IG

Q&A: Recruit via Facebook & Instagram


Have a question about recruiting on Facebook & Instagram? We’ve probably answered it in this Q&A E-book. Deemed our ‘Holy Bible’ of online recruitment, dig into this E-book to become an expert on all things about recruiting on Facebook & Instagram!


Don’t miss a thing! For quick answers and facts, check out our checklists, and keep your online recruitment looking sharp.

Checklist: How to create a successful vacancy page?

Tips for a successful vacancy


A good vacancy page is about more than just attractive copy… From crafting a mobile friendly vacancy page to how to use the Facebook Pixel. Check out which points you score well in and discover what you can still finetune!

Checklist: Be authentic when recruiting in social media

Authenticity in recruitment


When a job seekers sees you as a potential employer, they immediately get to work. So don't fake it till you make it, but instead be authentic in all your communication on your website and social media! Use our checklist to see if you score high on authenticity!

Other cool stuff

Next to the webinars and white papers, we’ve got other cool tools to help you with your online recruitment campaign

Financial Facebook Formula: Calculator for your mediabudget

Financial Facebook Formula


No idea how much budget you have to provide for a recruitment campaign on Facebook? Not only does the Financial Facebook Formula calculate the budget you need, but also how much it would cost if your results were great or, unfortunately, a little disappointing. Check it out!

Online recruitment bootcamp

Online Recruitment Bootcamp

Tips & tricks

​​Would you like to take your HR skills to the next level? In just a few weeks you will learn how to create a successful online vacancy and how to get more inflow on your vacancies. Register for free and receive 2-weekly tips & tricks in your mailbox!

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