Product: Talent acquisition made easy with sympl

Talent acquisition made easy

We help you find passive job seekers to fill your vacancy.

The biggest problem when hiring? Finding motivated, quality job seekers. Our technology gets rid of this issue completely by targeting your ideal candidate through advertising campaigns on social media. Because only the right people should be seeing your vacancy.

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Easy to use

No marketing know how needed. 93% of our users have no marketing background whatsoever. Accessible. Easy. sympl. Feel like you need help anyway or don't have the time? Our data-driven recruitment experts are here to guide you if need be.

Easy recruiting with the sympl software

Passive job seekers

Qualified and motivated: passive job seekers are where it's at. All you have to do is specify your ideal candidate, and voilà, our software will choose the right channels and audiences to target the perfect job seekers for your vacancy.

Recruit passive candidates with sympl

Power. At your fingertips

If you’re thinking, “there’s no way it’s really that sympl”, that’s a reasonable reaction. But the reason it works is because, like all technologies that make our lives easier, this is based on actual science. Our software is data-driven by design and uses artificial intelligence to optimise your campaigns every 6 hours. Talent acquisition technology. At your fingertips.

sympl offers full transparency: Track every cent of your budget
employer branding

Employer branding

Social media campaigns will inherently help establish your employer brand with your target audience. sympl makes it easy for you: recruit your ideal candidate, while simultaneously letting the world know what sort of employer you are. Two birds with one stone!

Great candidate experience

Great candidate experience

Applying for jobs can be a strenuous experience for candidates. This is where our interactive chatbot comes in: thanks to an easy and mobile friendly user interface your applicant’s candidate experience will be unmatched. They’ll thank you for it.

helping hand

Helping hand

We make a good team. With your input and expertise, leveraged with our software, you can target just the right candidates. Likewise, we know no two campaigns are the same. Which is why our software tests your campaign with a/b testing and optimizes the campaign every 6 hours.

You can also leave it to us

Don’t want to do it yourself (or don’t have the time)? We get it. Let one of our data-driven, talent acquisition experts help you. Take your campaigns to the next level and incorporate a top-notch marketing strategy to get the most out of social media ads. Schedule a short demo to see how we can help you!

Incorporate social media into your recruitment marketing strategy

So how does it work?

The sympl software makes it easy for you. Upload your vacancy, define your ideal candidate and go live with your first online advertising campaign in under 30 minutes.

upload your vacancy text

Step 1

Upload your vacancy text and some pictures.

define ideal candidate and set media budget

Step 2

Define your ideal candidate and set your (maximum) media budget.

targeted advertising campaign

Step 3

And… your targeted advertising campaign goes live on social media!

sympl helps you recruit with targeted advertising on social media

So why is sympl better?

Classic recruitment channels (job boards,...)

Staffing or recruitment agency


Employer Branding


Full Transparency


Reaching Passive Job Seekers


Geo Targeting


Screening Tools




Interactive Candidate Experience

sympl uses targeted advertisement to attract applicants

Klaas Vanhee

Head of Growth at Biolectric


“We received over 219 applications in 1 month with the first targeted advertising campaign boosted by sympl. Now we’ve filled in more than 20 vacancies across Europe!” 

of vacancies filled


of vacancies filled
data points analysed per month

11 mio

Data points analysed per month
recruitment campaigns


Recruitment campaigns

Simply recruit passive job seekers on social media

93% of our users have no marketing experience.

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