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Meet the sympl crew!

sympl is a SaaS scale-up, founded in 2016 in Antwerp, Belgium, with the goal of efficiently matching suitable job seekers with suitable employers. All this with unique tools and software which helps small and medium sized companies recruit passive job seekers through targeted advertising on social media developed by our very own sympl crew

The sympl team is made up of data-minded, borderline-superhumans specialized in sales, marketing and IT.
They’re what keep the wheels of your beloved software turning.

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picture of team sympl

Afterwork & Team Building Events

We take team building seriously at sympl. Because teamwork is more than sitting behind our screens: we strive for bonding as awesome individuals too!

workation in malaga with team sympl

Workation ☀️


Meeting our team targets called for a ‘work-ation’: we shared home cooked meals, worked hard, and relaxed together by the pool under the Spanish spring sun in Malaga, Spain. We hate cliches, but what can we say? We work hard, and play hard, too!

Spartacus run with team sympl

Spartacus Run 🏃‍♀️


We keep our minds sharp, And our bodies too! Team sympl participated in 2021’s long-awaited Spartacus run in Antwerp –a run followed by a challenging obstacle course (Yes. It’s as intense as it sounds!). Pushing our bodies to the edge is team building at its finest.

Cooking night with team sympl as afterwork

Cooking Night 🍴


Only a kitchen can put your team to the test –and that’s exactly what the sympl team did! We invited a reputable chef to guide us through making a 4 course meal. It was a night of full bellies, lots of laughs, and a burnt bread (or two).

christmas party with team sympl as afterwork

Christmas Party 🎄


We enjoyed a ‘winter wonderland’ for our yearly Christmas party. The sympl team went ice-skating in Antwerp’s Groenplaats. Lots of friendly races were in store that afternoon, followed by a visit to an excellent Southeast Asian dinner in the heart of the city.

Casino night with team sympl as afterwork

Casino night 🎲


Yep. It was exactly that. The sympl team got together for a night of decadent casino-ing in our very own HQs. Everyone put on their best suits and gowns, and played the night away (No money, of course!). Just good, old fashioned fun with a side of sushi and drinks.

teambuilding in Ardennen with team sympl

Workation 🕶️


We reached our team targets, so we celebrated: with a ‘work-ation’ to the Belgian Ardennes! We had our share of karaoke, and even a fearless visit to the Durbuy Adventure park, where the sympl team ziplined and took a challenging (read: team building) obstacle course.

Join our team!

We’re always on the lookout for talented, motivated people to join our team.
Think you’ve got what it takes? Read up about the vacancy below and apply.
Who knows? Maybe it’s a match made in heaven ☁️ 

Sales Development Representative

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Student - Digital marketing

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Testimonial Evi as digital marketer at sympl
Testimonial Tom as developer at sympl
Testimonial Aaron as digital marketer at sympl

sympl’s Office Spaces

Here at sympl, we let our office space reflect who we are. Because inspiring spaces make for inspired employees. Discover here the curiosities inside our workplace.

The famous gong at sympl


Rituals bond us. For us, the gong is the perfect way to celebrate small (and great!) victories throughout the workday; that’s what keeps us going.
Got a new client? Achieved your daily goal? You may “gong” in celebration!

Wall with baby photos at sympl

The Baby Wall

Which makes cuter decorations, kitties or puppies? We couldn’t choose, so we went with baby pictures of the sympl crew. Cute and classic, with a twist of endearment. Because we never forget where we came from.

landmap team sympl

World map

As sympl goes international, we want our office to reflect that –which is why we have our world map, to symbolize the countries where we’re active. And keep us striving for our ultimate goal: world domination.

The swing at sympl

The Swing

As one of our few places to unwind, nothing says “The world is our playground” quite like our very own swing
Need to get away from the screen for a few minutes? Need to chat to IT (who is conveniently located nearby)? The swing is always your best bet.

lego wall at sympl

The Lego Wall

The story behind this space is sympl (pun intended): we got invited to Facebook’s HQs in Dublin. They had a lego wall. And the rest was history: we needed a lego wall too. What can we say? Great companies think alike.

dining area at sympl

The Kitchen & Dining Area

We always say, a team that works togetherEats together! The dining area of the office is where our most interesting (read: hilarious) conversations happen. 
We’ve all been the new kid at school (or at the office). Here at sympl, you’ll always have someone to sit with you.


The Couch Area

The couch area is a versatile space for a dynamic team: from bonding with other team members over card games to discussing the quarter’s goals, you are guaranteed a comfy spot on one of the couches or poofs. 

Office playlist

We make monthly office playlists of our favorite songs at the moment to help get us in the zone. Feel free to judge our taste with a glimpse into our top 5 songs this month 😉


Iron Sky (Abbey Road live Session)

Paolo Nutini 


Games Continued

Bakermat, GoldFish & Marie Plassard


Garde Le Pour Toi



Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Pink Floyd


Dromen in kleur

Suzan & Freek

Our monthly top 5 office songs

Did we convince you to join our awesome team?

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