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We could tell you ourselves how successful our recruitment campaigns are, but you probably wouldn't believe it 😉 . That's why we let our clients do the talking to tell their successful recruitment stories.

Westmalle vond werknemers via online rekrutering

Brouwerij Westmalle

Food industry

After disappointing results from the interim office, Westmalle Brewery decided to join forces with sympl as its new partner. Thanks to sympl's targeted and digital approach, the company received more than 200 applications for 3 different positions.

PointerPro vond werknemers via online rekrutering


Software development

Pointepro is growing rapidly with often vacancies to fill. However, traditional communication channels did not have the desired reach, so they decided to turn to sympl for a more innovative and digital approach.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies vond werknemers via online rekrutering

Sumitomo Drive Technologies

Production Industrial Machinery

Sumitomo Drive Technologies is mainly working with traditional communication channels for job dissemination, however, they were not efficient and effective enough. They decided to use a targeted approach via social media through sympl.

Sarawak vonden passieve kandidaten via online rekrutering

Sarawak Belux

Advertising and advertising services

Sarawak Belux posted more than 20 recruitment campaigns online through the sympl software. Thanks to our smart algorithm and automatic budget optimization on online ads, Sarawak Belux received 514 applications.

online rekrutering kris de leeneer

Kris De Leeneer


Kris De Leeneer used to publish job ads off- and online. Although they noticed that these campaigns did not have the expected effect. A different, more targeted approach was needed. With sympl they found a suitable partner.

We found 8 project managers within 10 weeks

Brussels Airport


Brussels Airport was looking for a recruitment partner to outsource the most time-consuming aspects of their recruitment process. sympl is actively using technology to boost recruitment campaigns.

European Resuscitation Council vond werknemers via online rekrutering


Information, communication and professional education

The European Resuscitation Council is a small organisation with a very specific purpose. This sometimes makes it difficult to fill vacancies. With sympl, they found the solution: targeted social media campaigns that can reach their target audience.

Futech vond werknemers via online rekrutering



Futech was struggling to fill vacancies in their industry. Construction workers are hard to find. However, with the sympl algorithm, they were able to reach the right audience as well as target passive job seekers with the right ads.

Homeras vond werknemers via online rekrutering


Customer Service

Homeras is in need of a lot of employees on a regular basis. However, this is a challenging job. Setting up a recruitment campaign is a time-consuming task and outsourcing can be expensive. With sympl, they found a more efficient and flexible solution.

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