The 6 most important job interview questions

Infographic: The 6 most important job interview questions for your candidates

You’ve invited a candidate to a job interview. It seems to be a match on paper, but will the candidate be just as perfect in reality? 🤔 It’s up to you to ask the right questions and find out whether this candidate will fit in with your team. Are you not sure which questions to ask to find the perfect candidate? Take a look at these 6 most important job interview questions to find the perfect candidate. 

Key to success

An interview is an important step in the recruitment process. Hiring great employees is the absolute key to success. 🔑 Not only the candidates will have to prepare themselves for the interview, but the recruiter also has to invest time and effort in the preparation. Gathering a few sloppy interview questions 5 minutes before the candidate shows up is not a good idea. 🚫 Entrepreneurs should stay clear of the cliché questions and aim for interesting, but challenging questions instead. Personal questions are ideal for getting to know the candidate a bit better beyond their cv. After all, you want to find out whether someone fits your company culture as quickly as possible. 

Target as accurately as possible!