Campus recruitment for Gen Z? Our 5 marvelous tips!

Campus recruitment for Gen Z? Our 5 marvellous tips!

Generation Z (°1992-…) looks at the job market from a total digital perspective. They have numerous qualitiesthey are highly educated, enthusiastic, ambitious and digital savvy. But how can you recruit these Gen Z’ers on campus? Dive into our 5 tips for recruiting digital natives on campus! 🌟

Responding to questions and needs of young professionals

Gen Z is very future-minded: they are interested in career opportunities in the company they work for and opportunities to go abroad. 70% of generation Z claims that they are interested in an international job. 🗺️ That’s why you should put this in the spotlight when you are recruiting on campus. Digital natives are also very keen on a good work-life balance. So you should inform them about the numerous flexible options at your company: work from home, flexible hours, … . 

The dotcom generation also has a soft spot for: appreciation, satisfaction, self-development and a good relationship with their co-workers and supervisor. Highlight the great vibe at the office during campus recruitment. Demonstrate it by showing pictures of  🌭 eating contests, table tennis tournaments, afterwork drinks, … This will give the digital natives the extra push they need to come work for you!

Go with the digital flow

Digital natives will look for a job in the digital way. Make sure that your vacancies and your websites are mobile-friendly. You might spark their interest with your smooth talk on a campus recruitment day, but they will definitely check out your website with their critical 👀


Social media are without question very important in the job search of Gen Z. No doubt that they will snoop around your social media accounts. So make sure you get creative on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn (maybe TikTok?). There’s also a benefit on your side: the effects of online recruitment channels are very measurable and the cost is much lower than with offline channels. 👍 Do we need to say more? Online is the way to go!

Modern recruitment techniques

Gen Z’ers find it way more pleasant to chat with potential employers during the application process than to mail or call them (yes, definitely the worst nightmare of a digital native: the horror of calling someone 👻 ). Install chatbots to answer their questions and use an automatic video interview. In that way the digital native can take the interview whenever they want and it is digital and modern: it just screams Gen Z, right?!

Additionally you can ask the candidates to fill out a short online questionnaire, which you can create by using online tools. In this questionnaire you could ask to-the-point questions, for example their experience, motivation, favorite book or quote,  , … . Another tip is to make a recruitment video in which you highlight your assets as an employer. 📹 Playing this video on campus will boost your chances, 100%!

Stand out as an employer

It’s important to realise that recent graduates paint a picture in their head of potential employers before they even go to the job interview: via their website, social media, conversations with their nearest and dearest, … Tip: make an effort to create a great (or should we say lit) image of yourself as an employer. ✌️ To present yourself as the ideal employer is vital to attract the right talent, especially on a campus recruitment day.  

Digital natives are very interested in the impact of their employer on the environment and the society. So put your sustainability initiatives in the picture. 💚 Gen Z’ers also attach great importance to the company culture: they want a fun work environment in which open communication and continuous feedback are stimulated. So let your employees talk: make a video in which they share their stories about how it is like to work for your company or bring them with you to the campus recruitment day!

Make sure they can’t stop thinking about you

Being present on a campus recruitment day is a great way to become top-of-mind with digital natives, but it does not stop there. Giving the circumstances (read: COVID-19 pandemic), campus recruitment days in real life are (probably) out of the question. Together with the neverending love from Gen Z’ers to the digital world, you have all the more reason to work on your online presence!  So give yourself some extra power: create some Instagram filters in which you integrate your logo and text “Join our forces”. 📸 When the Gen Z’ers share these pictures on their socials, you reach so many people from your target group in no time! 

Another creative way to give yourself some extra power on a campus recruitment day is by organising a contest. 🏆 Quixey put out a great example by creating a puzzle for engineers that must be solved in 60 seconds. The solvers were rewarded with $100. This was a win-win: the winners got a price and the company was given the chance to build a database with potential candidates, of which they hired a few!

The next generation: a new wave of talent

Generation Z exists out of zillion interesting candidates that are highly educated, engaged, modern and innovative. In other words: an amazing powerbase for your company! When you put these tips to practice, you will stand out with Gen Z’ers in the digital world (read: their world!) as a legit employer. Let the games begin! 💪

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