Employer Branding Myths - Busted!

Employer branding: myths busted!

Does employer branding sound familiar to you? 👂🏼 And did you know that there are several misconceptions about it? Keep on reading and discover what these cheeky myths are and how we can bust them! 💪🏼

What is an employer brand?

Let’s take a look at the meaning of the employer brand first- in case you’re not too sure about that term. (No judgement here.) It’s basically the reputation of an organisation as employer, including all opinions and stories that circulate from your employees and consumers about your employer talents. It’s a popular term in the recruitment world, but there are still way too many misconceptions about it. Let’s take a closer look… 

Myth 1: If you don’t build an employer brand, you don’t have one

The first misconception is that an employer brand can be created. Too many leaders are under the impression that it doesn’t exist if they haven’t actively invested in it. This is miles from the truth! Do you have employees? 🙋🏻‍♂️ In that case, you automatically have an employer brand as well, separate from any activity you undertake to influence it. Your workforce continuously decides how attractive you are as an employer, and will share this with the outside world, fair or unfair. 🌎

So how do you avoid your employees speaking poorly of you? Easy! Ensure that your team has nothing (or as little as possible) negative to say about you in the first place. Maintain a good relationship with your team, allow for bottom-up communication, be transparent… In case something negative has been said, try and adjust it in a way to still look good as an employer. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as cobbling together an employer brand. Time and repetition are key! 🔑

Myth 2: Employer branding can’t be measured

We know, employer branding is not a product that produces standard sales figures, but that doesn’t mean you can’t track any of it. A complex concept like this craves a bit more creativity: there are always data points to be found that can tell you how your employer branding is doing. Your Facebook engagement is a good example here: check the amount of likes, shares en clicks you receive on average. When a person spends time and effort into liking, sharing or commenting on your content (even though this may only take 2 seconds), it means that they are interested in your organisation. 😍

Facebook engagement is one of several metrics you can use to get an indirect insight into how well your employer brand is doing.

Myth 3: Employer branding is (too) expensive

Having a big budget is a nice bonus, but it’s not always realisticSo don’t worry, because it really isn’t necessary! The only thing you need are your employees. Make sure they are well aware of your values, vision, and purpose. With the necessary awareness and encouragement in place, you’ll be able to nudge them to positively influence your employer brandHappy coworkers = happy reputation. 👏 Like we mentioned in the previous paragraph: prioritise communication within your organisation! This is the only way to catch the whispers through the grapevine.

Myth 4: Employer branding is the responsibility of HR

An employer brand is a collective responsibility. If you want to have a positive employer brand, you need to get everyone in the organisation equally motivated and passionate. 🎵 We’re all in this together.

Myth 5: Employer branding is the solution to all of your problems

Leaders tend to think that a great employer branding is the solution to all the organisation’s problems. Not receiving enough applications? Must be the employer branding! Candidates dropping out halfway through the application process? That employer branding again! It will undoubtedly play a part, but it’s not always the cause of the problem. Before throwing all your time and energy towards improving your employer brand, you may need to think whether there could be a different cause. 💡 It may be a simple traffic problem, for example. This blog provides more explanation about the difference between a traffic problem and employer brandingCheck it out!

Boom, myths busted!