Infographic: Our favourite online recruitment tools!

Infographic: Our favorite online recruitment tools!

The hunt for new employees usually starts hopeful, but the chances of your ideal candidate appearing out of thin air are very slim. Quite the contrary, there is a lot of work to be done to get a continuous influx of suitable candidates. Fortunately, there are several tools that will help simplify the revered search for candidates. 🕵️‍♀️ We’ve listed some of our favourite online recruitment tools below!


1. Royalty-free material

We can no longer deny the importance of visuals. They’re everywhere: on social media, ads, websites, vacancy pages, the list goes on! Visuals are true eyecatchers to support your message. Here’s a tip: use as much authentic material as possible. This will contribute to a great impression of you as an employer! But what if you don’t have any authentic visuals? These are our favourite sites with royalty-free visual and audio material. 📸 Another little tip: think out-of-the-box. Don’t settle for the first eyecatcher you come across, but take the time you need to find visuals that really suit your organisation.

Our favourite tools:

2. Editing images

Do you already have a treasury of authentic visuals? In that case, the next step is to edit them! A diamond may be a little rough, but your visuals better not be. 💎 These are our favourite tools to transform images and videos into social media ads to use on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn!

Our favourite tools:

3. Automated Emails

Sending emails always demands a lot of time… By automating your confirmation emails and reminders, you can save seas of time that is better used elsewhere! But, be careful not to lose the personal touch here. Candidates are pretty allergic to emails that are clearly automated. These tools allow you to automate your emails without sounding like a robot! 🤖

Our favourite tools:

4. Video Interviews

An automated video interview displays your questions on the candidate’s screen, after which the candidate’s webcam records their answers. Automated video interviews have proven to be a clear win-win for both candidate and recruiter! 📹 The candidate can choose what time they want to do the interview; during their lunch break, after work, or at the weekend, for example. The recruiter watches the video afterwards and saves a huge amount of time planning, preparing, and facilitating.

Our favourite tool:

5. Questionnaire

Online questionnaires make it easy to find candidates with specific skills and experience. As the recruiter, you’ll be able to filter the answers to suit the profile you’re looking for. Online questionnaires let you collect key information like education, work experience, skills, and so on. With tools like Typeform, you can easily create attractive questionnaires that are ideal for efficiently pre-screening your candidates. 

Our favourite tool:

6. Analysis

It will always be interesting to take a closer look at your own data as well: where are your online visitors coming from, what does a hire actually cost you, which channels are more effective than others? 🔎 These analysis tools will help you to find answers to these questions! We spend a bit more time on the benefits of each of the following tools in another blog post. It’ll be worth it to take a peek! 

Our favourite tools:

Easy peasy

A successful recruitment set-up demands a serious investment of time and effort from you. But no worries, these online recruitment tools can take the pressure off your mission to find the ideal candidates! 🕹

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