How do you recruit the best content marketers?

How do you recruit the best content marketers?

It’s no secret that there is always a huge demand for content marketers. With no sign of a decrease, there has been a 33% increase ☝️  in demand for content marketers since 2017. 

This also means that it has become harder to hire the right content marketer. How do you find the right content marketer (with the right skills) for your organisation? We’ll give you a few tips!

Look for the all-rounders

Content Marketers play different roles in the marketing storymarketingwritingsocial mediaSEO,… you name it. They have an incredible range of different tasks. But not every content marketer is as good at each of those tasks. You can hire a content marketer who shines and sparkles at copywriting but doesn’t do so well with SEO. This will cause your organisation to perform worse in certain disciplines that may be just as important as a nicely written piece. Try to find a content marketer whose skillset is as varied as possible.

Another solution would be to split the tasks within your content marketing projects. Do you have a candidate that excels at copy and another that specialises in SEO? Take them both! This way, you’ll be able to target the right talent more specifically. 🎯

Put them to the test

Content marketers have a creative job, meaning that you won’t always be as happy with the content they produce. It’s not ideal to realise this after you’ve hired him or her, of course. 

Aim to test the content marketers during the application process or on a trial day instead. Ask specific questions or give them certain tasks to perform. 

You could ask them to check your organisation’s social media #️⃣ channels beforehand and explain what they would change or maintain. You’ll quickly find out whether this is the content marketer you’re after!

Watch out for red flags 🚩

As with other positions, there are a few red flags to watch out for during an application: 

– Poor communication via email/phone 📱? This usually says it all.

– Are the answers to your interview questions a little vague or way too detailed? This is another red flag that signals that there are no or few necessary communication skills present.

Be Out Of The Box

Content marketers recognise bad copy from miles away. If you are serious about attracting real content marketers, you’ll have to attract them in the right way. 

Write an enthusiastic vacancy that doesn’t just explain the job, but also elaborates on what your organisation does. If a content marketer is going to create content about your organisation, it makes sense to inform them about your mission right from the start. This way, you’re more likely to attract people that are excited by your organisation’s purpose. 

Content marketers are in demand, so make sure that you approach them with the right content and use channels where they are active and available, FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, … Aim for jaw-dropping out-of-the-box ads. Curious about how to get the most out of Facebook Advertising? Take a look at this blog.

An asset to your team

Content marketers are a great asset 🎁 to your team. Especially when you’ve hired the right one.

Make sure you have a crystal clear and well-written vacancy page that triggers engagement. If you tick those boxes, you’ll end up with the best content marketers.

A very excited baby.