Why you should recruit in the summer

Why you should recruit in the summer

When we head into the long-awaited summer months, many companies tend to slow down, put everything on hold, and take it easy. 🏖️ It seems like the search for new employees is automatically shoved onto the back burner. But did you know that the slow, hot summer months are actually the perfect period for finding candidates? Yes, double-check that sentence! Last summer, we even managed to attract more than 1,000(!) candidates for our vacancies with sympl. We’ve listed 4 reasons for you to accelerate your search in summer. 👀

Passive candidates = hidden gems

Looking at the working population, we can see an obvious group of active candidates. These people are actively looking for a new job (hence the name) and are constantly checking new job postings to search for their dream opportunity. But, there are passive candidates as well. Passive does not indicate laziness here. Quite the contrary, it means that they already have a job and are not deliberately looking for something new. This group is special though, because they are interested in new, attractive offers. And we should probably mention that passive candidates comprise 80% of the working population, while active candidates comprise a humble 20%. 

Actieve en passieve werkzoekenden op ardbeidsmarkt

How is this relevant to recruiting in the summer? Well, that brings us to our second reason. 👇🏼

Aloha me-time

Most people go on some sort of holiday during the summer. And what do you do once you’re sunbathing in paradise? Reflect! You consider the meaning of life, that time when you embarrassed yourself that bit too much 🤦🏻‍♀️, and whether you are truly happy in your current position. This is why you should recruit in the summer; This is the perfect time to look back and ask yourself what you really want to do with your future. Do you want to grow further in your current job, or do you want to try something different? 💭

We have a lot more time for our social media ventures during our holidays. Well, not just us; passive candidates are online too (no way!). Recruiters can utilise this extra screen time with, for example, Facebook ads. Facebook allows advertisers to target the right candidates very specifically, thanks to its enormous database. So, in addition to the usual ads on their timeline, passive candidates will also come across vacancies for new job opportunities. 

Bye-bye, competition

The next reason is that your competition will most likely enter holiday-mode as well. 👋🏼 Like we said before, many companies think that the summer months aren’t any use for recruiting efforts. This is where you swoop in with your fine-tuned vacancies, automatically standing out from the crowd. You’ll be able to reach those soul-searching candidates interested in a new job opportunity without the usual pressure of your competitors (yes!).

Staying in touch with your applicants during the summer months is also positive for your company image. It’s no fun to wait for a confirmation email for over a month. Besides, candidates will have more time to schedule an interview during their holidays. 🗓

Fresh wave of graduates

Every summer produces a fresh batch of brand new graduates 🎓 who are eager to enter the job market. They’re not just looking for a company that suits them, they’re looking for a company to give them that first chance to prove themselves. Don’t miss out on these young talents by snoozing your company into holiday-mode, and recruit in the summer!

Convinced? Round up your recruitment team and turn that alarm clock back on. Summer, here we come!