Recruiting via social media? It has never been this easy!

Recruiting via social media? It has never been this easy!

Most of us have at least three active social media accounts. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter offer endless possibilities to find people and start a conversation with them. You absolutely should use social media to recruit employees, but make sure you have a plan first. Start with a unique social media recruiting strategy for your organisation. Here are some fundamental tips for recruiting the ideal candidate: 

1. Speak the right language

We’re not on about English or French here… Every platform has its own manual. Hashtags are the way to go on Twitter, while ebooks successfully reach people on LinkedIn (not the other way around!) The style of writing is different per platform too. Twitter will only post very short sentences (max. 280 characters). You’ll likely be a bit more informal on Facebook than you are on LinkedIn. And emoji’s are allowed on every platform!

2. Promote your organisation!

Don’t just use social media to publish your vacancies; use it to promote your organisation as well. Share content, interact with others, and highlight aspects that make your organisation unique. It’s also a fantastic added value to motivate your current employees to be active on social media. They can act as ambassadors for your organisation and generate interest among potential candidates in a very credible way. Your reach will only keep growing!

3. Find the right target audience to recruit

Nearly 7 million Belgians have a Facebook account. It seems like everyone is active on Facebook these days: from your 13-year old nephew to your grandmother! Spend the necessary time researching niche networks and specific groups that your target audience likely connects with. By the way: Facebook offers the possibility to target incredibly specifically through ads, and at a very good price too!

4. Think beyond LinkedIn

When we think about recruiting via social media, we tend to think of LinkedIn immediately: ‘The world’s largest professional network’. But, remember that ‘only’ 3 million Belgians are active on LinkedIn, while more than half of the population is socialising away on Facebook. Determine which platforms are best for your organisation to recruit new team members! And make sure that you have the capacity to manage them all… 

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