Video Recruitment: A new must-have tool in your recruitment strategy

Video Recruitment: A new must-have tool in your recruitment strategy

There’s no doubt: video marketing is taking over the world, and the recruitment-world is no exception here. Did you know that 80% of all internet traffic consists of video material?

No time to waste! Start using video in your recruitment strategy today!

Video Recruitment: the path to brilliant branding

Video recruitment uses video to get the message across (as the name subtly suggests). It quickly catches your potential candidates’ attention and introduces them to your organisation’s tone of voice in only a few seconds’ time. The key here is to be creative to differentiate yourself from your competition.

‘Fiverr’ is a great example here. They created a parody of a typical vacancy video with their own humorous tone; a truly, out of the box vacancy video! The candidate can instantly see what they stand for and what their tone of voice is.

So don’t be a copycat and look for creative ideas that will stand out from the crowd. Try interviewing colleagues, creating animations, and making a day-in-the-life vlog,… 

Video recruitment is a strategy with endless possibilities.

“A minute of video is worth a thousand words”

Alright, that all sounds terrific. So why would you start with video recruitment? Well, did you know that video material reaches 1200% more people than your regular post/vacancy? Reaching more candidates? Check.

And what do you think of a boost to your SEO? Video material boosts your organic content 157% more than regular text. SEO? Check.

Still not convinced? The use of video material will give your candidate experience a massive boost. It’s an easy way to give candidates an inside look into your organisation. In effect, it promotes your employer brand this way. Win-win! Good candidate experience? Check.

How do you use Video Recruitment?

Admit it: scrolling through vacancies with no end in sight is not always that entertaining. What if you can make it a bit more fun, though? Hello, video vacancies!

Candidates are typically more interested in a video vacancy than a traditional vacancy. In fact, videos are shared three times more than simple text or photo posts. So, not only will candidates click on your video faster, but they’ll also be more likely to share it, increasing the reach of your vacancy. In today's digital landscape where video content is taking the lead, you can leverage this to engage with potential applicants and boost your employer brand on social media. You could for example test with reel ads on Instagram and Facebook, or video ads on TikTok.

Do make sure to come up with a super catchy visual, tempting the viewers to keep on watching. BoomAnother candidate.

Of course, video doesn’t always need to be digital. Video material can also show your customers the core of your organisation from a more original angle. Not sure how to convey your organisation’s message? Use video! A Brand Movie gives a direct ‘feel’ of the company. An informative video like this could convince the candidate to apply. Not sure what the message of your organisation is? Time to tell your story!

Ready, set...and acti-oh no

But watch out. Video isn’t always as easy as it seems. There are quite a few pitfalls that can cause your video to achieve the opposite of what you were aiming for. Try to watch out for the following: 

1) Only showing managers: of course, it’s important to include your managers in your videos, but make sure to capture your other colleagues as well. This will show the candidate that there’s no overpowering hierarchy in place.

2) Hiring actors 👩🏻‍🎤: The worst you could do for your video strategy is hiring actors. Yes, they may perform better with their impeccable acting skills, but it’ll come across as fake and unnatural to your potential candidates.

3) A never-ending story: we get it; you want to stuff as much as possible into your video to convince your candidates completely. Unfortunately, that’s not the right approach. When you come across an interesting video on Facebook, but you notice that it’s 8 minutes long, would you start watching? Probably not. The same goes for candidates who come across your vacancy or Brand Movie. Keep your message clear and concise rather than diving into a never-ending story.

Grab that camera

Feel like grabbing a camera already? We sure do! 🎥

Hopefully, these tips will help you get started on your video strategy.