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Busch discovered that sympl keeps all its promises: it was a successful campaign with an application rate of 3.14%

Busch had long sought an efficient recruitment method. Despite numerous pitches from recruiters and a lackluster social media campaign, they remained unsatisfied. Somewhat skeptical, they turned to sympl and were pleasantly surprised by our practical approach to social media recruitment. After a successful first campaign with 669 page views and 21 candidates, they discovered that sympl delivers on its promises.

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About Busch

Busch Vacuum Solutions Belgium, along with over 3,800 employees across 45 countries, is an integral part of the worldwide Busch family. As the market leader, Busch is shaping the future of the vacuum industry.

Company size: 20 - 49 employees
Industry: Machine production

Sales pitches and false promises

Busch used a variety of channels to attract applicants: recruiters, interim agencies, advertisements, and organic LinkedIn posts. Despite their urgent need for new hires, they struggled to attract many qualified candidates. Traditional channels yielded unsatisfactory results, with recruiters generating noise rather than quality prospects. Seeking an innovative solution, Busch ended up with an agency that ran social media campaigns on their behalf, but the recruitment outcomes were underwhelming and costly. Undeterred, Busch persisted in their search and discovered sympl. Despite that initial skepticism, they soon realized sympl's social media campaigns really do work.

Clever use of social media

Sympl provides a comprehensive tool for managing and publishing ads across various channels, including new ones like TikTok. sympl's social media approach pleasantly surprised our contact at Busch: "I was impressed by how sympl manages to use social media to source the right candidates." With its proprietary algorithm, sympl successfully targeted suitable profiles, continuously optimizing campaigns through automated A/B testing. As a result, Busch got its first positive outcome from social media campaign, garnering 342,361 impressions and attracting 21 candidates for a single vacancy.

Advertentie van Busch voor service technieker buitendienst op Facebook

Service technieker

Advertentie van Busch voor service technieker buitendienst

Service technieker

The successful "Service Technician Field Service" campaign

The Service Technician Field Service ad achieved 342,361 views, resulting in 669 visits to the vacancy page — a click-through rate of 0.38%. Of those visitors, 49 engaged with the application chatbot, leading to 21 applications, with 71% being passive candidates from Facebook. Impressively, the campaign yielded an application rate of 3.14% (the percentage of vacancy page visitors who applied), surpassing the sympl average of 2.1%.

Full transparency and efficient follow-up

After receiving the applications, it was up to Busch to select suitable candidates. "I was pleasantly surprised with the transparent information I received about the candidates, without the usual sales talk as we get from recruiters," Busch explained. The company received an overview of all candidates, which they could drill down into to see questionnaire responses and CVs with contact details. Additionally, they had access to an activity log, which proved valuable when collaborating with multiple colleagues during the recruitment process.

Busch found the integrated Candidate Management System (CMS) particularly beneficial. It made ranking and commenting easy, allowing for efficient following up with candidates. "I could easily move candidates and make comments, which ensured that I could properly follow up within the platform," Busch said. Moreover, with the convenience of email templates, Busch could easily reach out to all the selected candidates.

Dashboard overzicht met advertenties

Sympl - modern, efficient and communication-friendly

"Modern, efficient, and communication-friendly." That's how our contact at Busch described sympl. The company highly values the innovative technology, swift implementation, and user-friendly nature of the sympl software. 

We look back with great satisfaction on our first collaboration with Busch, and this is just the first of many successful projects.

Reaching suitable candidates is crucial — sympl knows that better than anyone. Would you like to amplify the reach and success of your vacancies? Schedule an online meeting to explore what sympl can do for your organization.

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