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ERC's four successful campaigns: increased brand awareness and 87 interesting candidates

The European Resuscitation Council (ERC) has a life-saving mission but is not well known among the wider public. That lack of recognition poses difficulties in recruiting for specialized positions. ERC faced a challenge — they needed a targeted approach to reach the right audience. Through sympl, they engaged their target audience and enhanced their brand awareness on social media. It was a win-win situation for ERC!

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About ERC

The European Resuscitation Council aims to create a society of lifesavers and prepared communities that can respond to cardiac arrest incidents. To that end, they develop evidence-based guidelines and training and deliver education programs. They work with motivated people who aspire to change both hearts and minds.

Company size: 5 - 10 employees
Industry: Information, communication and professional education

A more focused approach with reach

ERC's recruitment efforts primarily relied on recruitment agencies and word of mouth, but that approach did not have the desired effect. As a small organization with a specific goal but limited means of communication, they needed a more targeted and digital strategy. That's when they discovered sympl: "Through social media campaigns, we could communicate our mission to people it truly resonates with," says our ERC contact. That strategy resulted in "a good first experience with many potential candidates for a somewhat more difficult profile", according to ERC.

Four successful campaigns

ERC faced the challenge of filling several specific and difficult positions, such as Course Coordinator Assistant, Congress & Events Officer, and Marketing and Communications Officer. sympl created campaigns for these roles, crafting compelling job descriptions, producing tailored videos, and measuring success with A/B testing. Continuous optimization using a specialized algorithm made the most effective ads reach the right audience on the appropriate channel. The outcome was impressive: 1.1 million impressions, 2,182 visits to the vacancy pages, and 87 candidates for four positions — a high application rate of 3.98%.

The successful  “Course Coordinator Assistant”-campaign

To better understand this achievement, let's examine the Course Coordinator Assistant vacancy statistics. The campaign garnered a whopping 301,232 impressions on social media and a click-through rate of 0.32% from the ad to the vacancy page. As a result, 489 people visited the vacancy page, and 38 submitted applications. This campaign boasted an excellent application rate of 7.77%, three times higher than the sympl average of 2.1

Advertentie van European Resuscitation Council voor Congress and Event Officer

Course Coordinator

Advertentie van European Resuscitation Council voor Congress and Event Officer

Congress & Events Officer

Advertentie van European Resuscitation Council voor Marketing and Communications Officer

Marketing and Communications Officer

A fast and efficient recruitment process

sympl not only aids in recruiting candidates but also provides tools for ranking and tracking them within the system. "I was pleasantly surprised by the intuitiveness of the sympl software," says ERC. The inclusion of email templates allows for easy contact with candidates, with the option to reach out via WhatsApp to follow up on job interviews. This efficient communication streamlined the recruitment process, benefiting both recruiters and applicants.


ERC describes sympl as "simple, efficient, and great value for money." sympl also looks back on the successful collaboration with great pleasure.

Reaching suitable candidates is crucial — sympl knows that better than anyone. Would you like to amplify the reach and success of your vacancies? Schedule an online meeting to explore what sympl can do for your organization.

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ERC - European Resuscitation Council

"sympl's campaigns increased brand awareness on social media"

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