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Futech easily reached active and passive candidates for a difficult position - using the sympl algorithm

Futech faces the common challenge of finding suitable candidates in the technology sector. They tried a combination of traditional and digital communication channels to advertise their vacancies, but their campaigns needed more engagement. Thomas Voets, Marketing Engineer at Futech, needed a more targeted approach that would attract both active and passive candidates. Thanks to sympl's help, they succeeded, receiving 60 candidates for this challenging vacancy.

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About Futech

Futech, based in Tessenderlo, is a major player in solar panels and green energy in Flanders. But they not only install, they innovate. Originally conceived as an engineering project, Futech strives to deliver top-quality solutions for the renewable energy market in Flanders.

Company size: 30 - 35 employees
Industry: Construction

The solution for sectors with difficult to-fill-professions

Futech used a combination of traditional and more innovative digital channels, including social media, Google ads, banner ads, and display advertising. Despite all their efforts, the desired results did not emerge. "We did get a response, but it remained limited. So we decided to work with sympl to see if they could help us attract more candidates, and they did!" says Thomas Voets, Marketing Engineer at Futech. In sectors with demanding roles that are difficult to fill, passive job seekers are often the solution. sympl specializes in expanding the reach of vacancies to active and passive candidates.

Ads that work

sympl looks beyond active candidates, with targeted ads on social media reaching passive job seekers as well. Using an automated A/B testing approach and a unique algorithm, the campaigns undergo continuous optimization and adjustment. That flexibility ensures the budget is allocated to the most effective ads, reaching the right audience on the appropriate channels. Consequently, Futech avoided wasting its budget on underperforming ads. Under the "social media" tab in the sympl software, Thomas Voets, Marketing Engineer at Futech, could quickly access a clear overview of the media budget. And that's not all. Thomas says, "I also received notifications that our media budget was running low, which gave us enough time internally to consider whether we wanted to extend the campaign."

Plenty of insights, lots of candidates

The "social media" tab in the sympl software provides a comprehensive overview of ad progress, impression numbers, vacancy page visits, and candidate numbers. With those features, Thomas Voets could filter by social media platform, allowing him to identify the most successful ads on each platform. "We operate in a tough sector, so I was pleasantly surprised by the number of candidates that came in," Thomas said.

The successful "Mechanic Solar Panels" campaign

The Solar Panel Mechanic vacancy is challenging to fill because it is a so-called "bottleneck profession." The objective of the campaign was to reach suitable passive job seekers. The campaign achieved significant results, with the ad garnering 756,694 social media impressions and 1,120 visits to the vacancy page, resulting in 60 applications, 87% of whom were passive candidates from Facebook and Instagram. The campaign successfully attracted qualified candidates with an application rate of 5.3%, more than double the sympl average.

Advertentie van Futech voor Monteur Zonnepanelen

Monteur Zonnepanelen

Off to the next collaboration

sympl assisted Futech throughout the process. Thomas Voets, Marketing Engineer at Futech, expressed his satisfaction: "I  received regular updates and questions about progress, which made the collaboration easy."


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Thomas Voets

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"With sympl we can now reach passive jobseekers"

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