Testimonial: Kris De Leeneer


Flexible and target-oriented, this is how transport company Kris De Leeneer found 512 candidates for 10 campaigns

With rapid growth, Kris De Leeneer faces the task of filling numerous new positions. While this is undoubtedly good news for a family business, it also involves substantial work. Acquiring new hires is time-intensive, from drafting job descriptions and targeting the right audience to following up with candidates. Kris De Leeneer, the CEO, needed help, and sympl answered the call. Kris found 512 candidates for ten different positions with the support of sympl.

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About Kris De Leeneer

Kris De Leeneer is an experienced logistics service provider with numerous loyal customers, including Neuhaus, Puratos, Barry Callebaut, and De Persgroep.

Company size: 51-200 employees
Industry: Trucking

General campaigns with insufficient reach

Kris De Leeneer had previously relied on interim and recruitment agencies, so they already posted jobs offline and online. Still, they noticed that these campaigns did not have the desired result. A different and more focused approach was needed. Kris discovered sympl on social media and found a solution that delivered results: "sympl adopts a highly targeted approach, significantly enhancing the reach and quality of a campaign."

Sympl's targeted approach

Passive job seekers represent a substantial and promising pool of potential candidates, and reaching them can be challenging. However, sympl's technology enables companies to reach this elusive group through targeted ads on social media. But sympl's capabilities extend beyond that: its algorithm continuously optimizes and adapts campaigns through automated A/B testing. As a result, the most effective ad is served to the correct target audience on the appropriate channel. Kris De Leeneer's experience with ten successful campaigns is a testament to the efficacy of sympl's solutions.

10 campaigns, 512 candidates

Kris De Leeneer faced the challenge of filling several positions, such as Driver CE, Transport Planner, and  Warehouse Team Leader. To support Kris, the sympl team took care of all aspects of the campaign, from drafting job descriptions to creating engaging videos and testing campaign effectiveness. Kris received a comprehensive campaign that they could easily replicate. The company independently worked on their campaigns, using the sympl software to fine-tune and launch them. The fruitful collaboration with sympl yielded remarkable results: 2.6 million impressions, 11,372 visitors on job pages, and an impressive pool of 512 candidates for ten vacancies.


Kris De Leeneer


Kris De Leeneer

"With the help of sympl's targeted digital campaigns, we were finally able to reach the right audience"

The successful "Chauffeur CE" campaign

Now, let's take a closer look at the figures of the Chauffeur CE campaign: the job posting garnered a whopping 409,378 impressions on social media, with a click-through rate (CTR) of 0.76% — meaning 2,497 visits to the vacancy page. Of those visitors, 112 submitted applications, including 74 candidates from Facebook. The campaign boasted an impressive application rate of 4.49%, more than doubling sympl's average of 2.1%.

advertentie kris de leeneer chauffeur ce

Weekend Chauffeur CE

advertentie kris de leeneer warehouse operator

Warehouse Operator

advertentie kris de leeneer teamleader magazijn

Teamleader magazijn

Sympl works

The CEO Kris describes sympl as "target-oriented, user-friendly, and present." With sympl's targeted campaigns and strong social media presence, Kris De Leeneer experienced a significant influx of candidates. And thanks to the platform's user-friendliness, following up with candidates was effortless. The intuitiveness of sympl made the recruitment process smoother: "sympl's initial screening, using specific questions, saved me a considerable amount of work. It allowed me to identify suitable candidates easily," says Kris De Leeneer.

Both sympl and Kris look back on a delightful and fruitful partnership.

Reaching suitable candidates is crucial — sympl knows that better than anyone. Would you like to amplify the reach and success of your vacancies? Schedule an online meeting to explore what sympl can do for your organization.

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