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Pointerpro's first campaign was a success: from a smooth onboarding to 62 strong candidates

As a fast-growing expanding company, Pointerpro consistently seeks new talent to join their team. Their recruitment efforts took place on traditional channels, which yielded unsatisfactory results. Stefan Debois, Pointerpro's Founder & CEO, noticed they had minimal reach on those channels.  So they had to take a more innovative approach. Recognizing that potential candidates engage with social media platforms, Stefan opted to work with sympl for their recruitment endeavors. The outcome was a successful initial collaboration: 424 visitors, 62 candidates, and an impressive application rate of 14.62%.

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About Pointerpro

Pointerpro (formerly Survey Anyplace) is a fast-growing Belgian online software company. They develop and distribute a unique application that enables companies to craft engaging online questionnaires and personalized reports. Its customer base spans 56 countries, and over 50% of their users are in the United States.

Company size: 10 - 20 employees
Industry: Software development

More innovation = more candidates

Pointerpro encountered challenges with traditional communication channels searching for a Customer Success Representative. Despite exploring options like interim and recruitment agencies and LinkedIn, Stefan Debois, the Founder & CEO, couldn't find suitable candidates. Stefan realized the need for a more innovative and digital approach: "I wanted to attract candidates' attention where they spend most of their free time: social media." That realization marked the inception of the initial collaboration between Pointerpro and sympl.

A smooth onboarding without any worries

During the onboarding, Pointerpro provided essential information, including company details, desired profile, soft/hard skills, and other requirements. Additionally, they could upload their logo and relevant images. Stefan Debois, the Founder & CEO at Pointerpro, expressed great satisfaction with the process, "The onboarding was straightforward. sympl did well in every single interaction. The platform was easy and intuitive, and the software support responded quickly to questions." Once Pointerpro submitted all the necessary information, sympl created engaging job descriptions and appealing visuals. That work resulted in an impressive first campaign, freeing Stefan from worries or additional tasks.

A targeted campaign through social media

Sympl uses targeted targeting to reach the right profiles on social media. Additionally, their proprietary algorithm continuously optimizes and adjusts the campaigns thanks to automatic A/B testing. This way, the best working ad is shown to the right target group on the appropriate channel. And this is also what Stefan Debois, Founder & CEO at Pointerpro, noticed: "Sympl helped me find suitable candidates who matched the description. This allowed us to easily target the right audience." And that made for a successful first campaign.

The "Customer Success Representative" campaign

The Customer Success Representative ad received 144,725 views, with 424 people visiting the vacancy page (representing a click-through rate of 0.41%), of which 62  submitted applications. That's an impressive application rate of 14.62%, well above the sympl average of 2.1%.

PointerPro vond werknemers via online rekrutering

Customer Success Representative

Convenient, intuitive and efficient

Stefan Debois, Founder & CEO at Pointerpro, appreciated the ability to rank and track the 62 candidates in the sympl software. That feature allowed him to automatically email or WhatsApp candidates about their applications, ensuring a smooth and efficient application process. The efficient and intuitive nature of the sympl software provided a smooth and speedy application process. "The sympl software works easily, intuitively, and efficiently," says Stefan Debois when reflecting on this first collaboration. sympl also looks back on the successful partnership with great pleasure.


Reaching suitable candidates is crucial — sympl knows that better than anyone. Would you like to amplify the reach and success of your vacancies? Schedule an online meeting to explore what sympl can do for your organization.

Stefan Debois

Stefan Debois

Founder & CEO


"A flexible collaboration from start to end"

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