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Sarawak Belgium: the impressive success of a self-service customer

Sarawak Belgium often requires prompt recruitment of new employees for short-term engagements. Throughout the year, special (sales) events occur, ranging from Father's or Mother's Day to Christmas, necessitating the search for fresh talent. However, reaching this specific group, known as passive candidates, takes a lot of work. Wim Wauters, the Managing Director of Sarawak Belgium, had a challenging task. Thankfully, sympl came to the rescue. Using our tool, Sarawak attracted an impressive 514 candidates across 23 campaigns.

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About Sarawak Belux

The merging of Think and Go and Promoplan resulted in Sarawak Belgium, a company at the heart of Belgium's Field Marketing & Brand Activation sector. With a broad market presence spanning Consumer Electronics Goods, FMCG, Cosmetics, DIY, and Travel Retail, Sarawak operates across various market segments. In Belgium alone, Sarawak boasts over 180 permanent employees, alongside 2,000 flexible employees who occasionally work for the company.

Company size: >150 employees
Industry: Advertising and advertising services

Many vacancies = plenty of work

Sarawak Belgium previously used various communication tools, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Indeed. They were already trying to make the most of digital platforms. However, producing, publishing, and managing multiple ads created a significant workload. Sarawak turned to sympl for a solution. As a self-service customer, they had access to sympl's software, enabling them to swiftly post and monitor all their job openings online.

The most attractive ads with the sympl software

Sarawak Belgium understands the challenge of creating many ads when faced with many job vacancies. The sympl software, equipped with Ad Builder, streamlined this process. From uploading photos or videos and adding banners and text to selecting house-style colors and crafting ad copy, sympl made the entire experience smoother, prettier, appealing, and slicker. Therefore, Sarawak produced attractive adverts in record time, which they launched across various ad channels with just a few simple clicks.

sympl software ad builder

One tool for multiple channels

Sympl provides a single tool for monitoring all ads. Sarawak Belux had the flexibility to advertise across various channels, including the latest digital platforms like TikTok. Using the sympl algorithm, the software conducted tests on different ads, automatically allocating the budget to the top-performing ad. This approach maximized the reach and effectiveness of job postings. The outcome was great for Sarawak, with 2.4 million impressions and 514 candidates (75% through Facebook and Instagram) for 23 specific vacancies.

An efficient and swift recruitment process

Having many candidates is undoubtedly good news. However, choosing suitable candidates remains essential. To facilitate this, we offer the ability to assign color codes to candidates in our Candidate Management System (CMS). Wim Wauters, the Managing Director of Sarawak, particularly favored this sympl feature. By using these color codes, he could segment candidates with ease. Furthermore, our CMS offers email templates (and automatic emails) in Dutch and French, enabling Sarawak to communicate seamlessly with suitable candidates in their preferred language.📩

sympl software kleurlabels in cms

Sympl - quick, innovative and user-friendly

Wim Wauters highlights how sympl significantly saves time. sympl allows for effortless creation and swift deployment of campaigns on multiple social media platforms. Wim identifies sympl's innovative technology, strong social media presence, and user-friendly software as its most significant advantages. We reflect with great pleasure on our successful collaboration and 23 impactful campaigns.

Reaching suitable candidates is crucial — sympl knows that better than anyone. Would you like to amplify the reach and success of your vacancies? Schedule an online meeting to explore what sympl can do for your organization.

wim wauters van sarawak belux

Wim Wauters

Managing Director

Sarawak Belux

"The effectiveness of sympl is impressive, within no time we found 514 candidates for 23 vacancies"

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