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sympl's targeted campaigns were the perfect solution to Sumitomo Drive Technologies' tough vacancy

Stefanie Den Haene, HR Officer at Sumitomo Drive Technologies, faced a challenge: filling the CNC Operator vacancy. Technical positions are often more difficult to recruit. A targeted campaign is essential to reach suitable technical profiles. But such campaigns involve a lot of work. Stefanie sought the help of sympl, who set up an effective targeted recruitment campaign. The outcome was successful — 13 qualified candidates for Sumitomo Drive Technologies.

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About Sumitomo Drive Technologies

Sumitomo Drive Technologies is a global designer, manufacturer, and supplier of high-precision and standard transmissions, customized drive solutions, and industrial gearboxes. Hansen Industrial Transmissions plays a vital role in that work, leveraging nearly a century of experience in drive technology.

Company size: 200 - 499 employees
Industry: Production Industrial machinery

Difficult positions to fill with low engagement

Sumitomo Drive Technologies relied on traditional communication channels to advertise vacancies, including their website, VDAB, job fairs, and LinkedIn. However, achieving high engagement proved challenging, especially for more demanding professions. Technical positions at Sumitomo Drive Technologies require specific profiles, necessitating targeted campaigns. Stefanie Den Haene, the HR Officer, knew that all too well. sympl's personalized service appealed to her, and that is how a collaboration to fill the CNC Operator vacancy began.

An attractive campaign with minimal effort

Sumitomo Drive Technologies completed the onboarding with the essential company and vacancy information. From there, sympl set about drafting job descriptions, creating advertising materials, and designing appealing visuals. Stephanie Den Haene, the company's HR Officer, says: "They created an engaging campaign with eye-catching visuals and compelling text, all without requiring my involvement." Stephanie reviewed the final version, offering feedback and approving the campaign quickly within the sympl software. This collaborative effort resulted in a campaign supported by Sumitomo Drive Technologies and trusted by sympl to deliver results.

A targeted campaign through social media

sympl enables companies to engage with passive job seekers through targeted social media ads. With a specialized algorithm, the campaigns undergo continuous optimization and adjustment via automated A/B testing. As a result, the target audience sees the most effective ad on the appropriate channel. Those efforts culminated in a targeted "CNC Operator" campaign, attracting significant attention: the ad garnered 361,592 views and 574 visits to the vacancy page — a click-through rate of 0.33%.

The successful "CNC Operator" campaign

Filling the CNC Operator vacancy was difficult, given its specific technical profile. The campaign's primary objective was to reach appropriate passive job seekers. It yielded positive results: out of 574 visitors to the vacancy page, 37 engaged with the chatbot, and 13 submitted applications (an application rate of 2.26%), including 61.5% passive candidates discovered via Meta (Instagram and Facebook).

Sumitomo Drive Technologies vond werknemers via online rekrutering


Off to the next collaboration

Stefanie Den Haene, HR Officer at Sumitomo Drive Technologies, expresses great satisfaction with the entire recruitment process: from initial preparations to candidate follow-up and selection. She effortlessly manages candidate follow-up by dragging them across set status columns. And when there's information missing, she can easily communicate with candidates via the platform.


"sympl is dynamic, young, and innovative," says Stefanie. Another collaboration is already in the works.

Reaching suitable candidates is crucial — sympl knows that better than anyone. Would you like to amplify the reach and success of your vacancies? Schedule an online meeting to explore what sympl can do for your organization.

Stefanie Den Haene van Sumitomo Drive Technologies

Stefanie Den Haene

HR Officer

Sumitomo Drive Technologies

"sympl assisted us in completing a difficult technical vacancy"

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