Looking for new employees? It all starts with your vacancy page!

Looking for new employees? It all starts with your vacancy page!

We’ve explained the mechanics of writing an attractive vacancy here. It’s time to continue to the next level: the vacancy page! This page can make or break the success of your online recruitment. A well put together vacancy page can be discovered quickly and persuades the potential candidate to apply, but how exactly do you accomplish that? 🤔

Is your vacancy SEO-proof?

Hang on, what’s SEO again? SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It is the collection of actions you take to make your website rank higher in search engine results, such as Google or Yahoo. You’re basically trying to get your site to tick the search engine’s boxes organically (or non-paid) with SEO. Google looks at factors like keywords, content, and the usability of your webpage.

To generate more clicks on your vacancies, you’ll have to SEO-proof the headlines of your vacancy pages. You can do that by, take a wild guess, using the right keywords. Think logically about what people would type into their search engines when browsing for the type of position you’re recruiting for. If you are on the hunt for an online marketer, make sure to literally include that into the title, as opposed to fancy titles like ninja marketeer or marketing rockstar. 🎸🤘🏼


Nowadays, we increasingly use our smartphone for day-to-day activities, like mobile banking, shopping, and even job hunting. Here at sympl, we noticed that 90% of our visitors land on our website via their smartphone. Needless to say, it’s become crucial to make your landing page mobile-friendly. Nothing is more annoying than a website that doesn’t adapt to the screen size of your mobile device. A website that isn’t mobile-friendly is slow to load and fully display its content, risking the patience of your precious potential candidates to run out. Besides, this can seriously affect your SEO score, and you want to avoid that at all costs! 🚫

Are you curious about the mobile page speed of your website? Test it yourself with this handy tool. Would you like more information about this? Make sure to read our blog about the impact of mobile devices on recruiting.

Layout best practices

Looks aren’t everything, but in this case, appearance does play a major role in the success of your vacancy page. Try to view your website with a fresh, critical eye. Is the landing page for your vacancies clean, clear, and attractive? If not, your potential candidates are likely to lose interest after a quick glance. 🙅🏽‍♀️ Avoid this recruiter’s nightmare by considering the following three factors: is your landing page 1) clear, 2) scannable, and 3) well-organised?

1. Is your landing page clear?

As a recruiter, you’ll be pinning your hopes on getting the right candidates to apply to your vacancy. To increase your chances, be crystal clear about your expectations of your applicants. What exactly does the job entail? What are the benefits of the advertised job role? Be concise, but thorough.

Explain the structure of the application process in detail. Do you want the candidate to apply traditionally, or will you require them to fill out a questionnaire? What can the applicant expect once they have applied? How and when will your candidates be able to reach you? 💬

2. Is your landing page scannable?

Next, you’ll need to ensure that your vacancy page is easy to read. In other words, will your potential candidate’s eyes find their way to the most important information at a glance? A few tips that can help with this: use short sentences and paragraphs with blank lines. These are a bit easier on the eye than long sections of text. Don’t hesitate to add images or videos to give an instant, visual reason for the candidate to choose your company.

3. Is the landing page well-organised?

Do you have multiple vacancies listed on your website? If so, make sure the candidate can easily navigate between these different positions. You can easily divide them into different categories and add filters to allow the visitors to specify their search. Potential candidates will find the vacancy that best suits their CV faster.

Extra SEO tip: Do you still have closed vacancies live on your website? If so, rather than deleting them, you could make them invisible. Potential candidates won’t see them, but they’ll still count towards your SEO score. 🤓

Install the Facebook Pixel

What is the Facebook Pixel again? It is a tiny snippet of code that you can add to your website to track and trace all traffic from your Facebook ads. 🚦 This way, you’re always up to date on the performance of your ads, so you can continue to perfect them over time. Thanks to the Facebook Pixel, you can cunningly retarget your potential candidates who dropped out during the application process, using Facebook ads they haven’t seen before. Would you like more information about the Facebook Pixel? Take a look at this blog!

Once you start tweaking all these elements, you’ll soon experience the success of your vacancy page.
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