How to: show authenticity as an employer

How to: show authenticity as an employer

This won’t be the first time you’ve heard this: Practice what you preach! Do what you say and say what you do! 🙌🏼 The candidates’ perception of your company is a vital factor in deciding whether they want to work for you or not. So, how do you effectively show authenticity as an employer?

Know yourself to be yourself​

To show your candidates the best version of yourself, you’ll have to be aware of what makes you, as an employer, authentic. You need to have a clear idea of what makes you different as an organisation (or team), and know your values, standards, and flaws. And, more importantly, be honest to yourself. Never mind that fake it till you make it motto! Also, make sure that everyone in your recruitment team shares the same interpretation of your organisation’s authenticity. 

A picture is worth a thousand words

We recommend making your own images and videos to use in your: 

  • ads

  • website

  • blogs

  • vacancy pages.

Do you need tips for creating an attractive vacancy pageYou ain’t fooling no one with that standard photograph of an employee that stares at their computer screen with a huge attractive smile. Leave those stock images be, and get to work yourself! Candidates would like to see their real potential colleagues. Take photographs of your employees while working or during team outings, and capture an impression of life inside the office. 📸 Show your candidates what kind of team member you are looking for.

And… action!

The same goes for videos: film the people who actually work within your organisation. 📹 Leave those scripts for what they are and be spontaneous! Don’t try to be somebody you’re not. Candidates will notice that you’ve staged your videos, and they still won’t have the right perception of you as an employer. Instead, let your video support your organisation’s unique aspects by letting your employees have their say. Sincere testimonials create authenticity. This doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on quality though; make sure the material stays neat and tidy

Communicate quickly and transparently!

You can also show authenticity in your communication. Support the candidate with smooth and timely communication right through the application process, and stay far away from impersonal emails. Listen to the candidate: be open to their feedback and input. Make them feel appreciated and always reply to their thank-you’s and follow-up notes. Personalise the recruiter as well: sign any correspondence with a photograph and contact information. In addition, boost your transparency by providing information about the team and a typical working day. And, never forget that personal touch. Read more about automating the application process without losing sight of the human touch here

Authenticity = essential

To show authenticity is clearly an indispensable factor in recruitment. Add a dose of transparency, and you’ve created a magic potion for a great perception of you as an employer. 🔮 When every recruiter in your organisation knows what the organisation’s mission, vision, and values are and how they can let those shine through the employer branding and their offer to the candidates, your mission to show authenticity is completed

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