Online recruitment: where to begin?

Starting with online recruitment: where to begin?

The times of companies publishing a vacancy and patiently waiting for candidates to present their cv are (thankfully) ancient history. Today, the recruitment process is increasingly moving onto the online world. The endless possibilities of the world wide web offer recruiters an unmatched potential to simplify the process for themselves as well as the candidate. Company websites, online advertising, vacancy pages, and social media are all breathing new life into the world of recruiting. But, at the very start of online recruiting, it can be difficult to see the forest for the trees. 🌳Where the hell do you begin? No worries, we’ve listed the basics of online recruitment for you!

1. Online recruitment starts with a career page

First things first, to start with online recruitment, you’ll need a career page on your website. It is of the utmost importance that this web page is and stays up-to-date. So what should you include on this page? 

  • A clear overview of the available vacancies

  • Sufficient information about your organisation 

For the latter, you can elaborate on the unique traits of your organisation and why candidates want to work for you. 😍 Show them what your organisation stands for to attract the profiles you’re after, and devote a short paragraph to your organisation’s work, vision, and values. Take a closer look at our tips for writing a vacancy!

2. Make it easy for the candidate to apply

Online recruitment is about making it as easy as humanly possible for candidates to apply. Provide a button on your vacancy page that encourages candidates to apply with one click rather than sending an email first. 👇 The easier it is to apply, the smaller the chance that you’ll lose candidates along the way! When it comes to recruiting, a great candidate experience should be a top priority.

3. Keep it mobile-friendly

More than 77% of job-related searches are submitted via a smartphone or tablet. Here at sympl, we noticed that 80% of our website visitors found their way to us via a mobile device. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly yet, you’re running the risk of missing out on a bunch of visitors and potential candidates! 🏃 Pages that have not been adjusted to mobile devices take longer to load, and time is money; a long loading time will cause candidates to give up and carry on.

Besides, a page that is not mobile-friendly won’t be very good for your SEO score either. This score is surprisingly important for online recruiting as you need your vacancies to be found. Google has a handy tool that allows you to test how well your website’s page speed scores on a mobile device. To sum up: don’t forget to include the mechanics of mobile recruiting into your strategy!

4. Tools

To measure is to know is an important motto in online recruitment. It’s always beneficial to keep track of your vacancy page’s visitors and where they’ve come from by collecting figures to analyse what is going well and where you need to improve bits and bobs. Are you, for example, planning to attract candidates via social media? Then you shouldn’t forget to install the Facebook Pixel and the LinkedIn Insight Tag. These snippets of code allow you to check how well your ads perform and give you the possibility to retarget. Other handy tools are Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics🔧 Would you like more info about tools? Read our blog post on the importance of testing.

Keep them coming!

There’s, of course, much more to online recruitment than just creating a good vacancy page. You need to get your candidates to land on that precious page first. The influx of incoming competent candidates won’t knock on your door any time soon if you’ve only slapped a sloppy vacancy on a general job website. 

By utilising social media, you can target your candidates proactively and specifically. 🎯 Ads on social media can capture the interest of potential candidates and forward them to your well-prepared vacancy page, which will be waiting for them with open arms. Facebook Advertising is a great example of a platform that can aid your search for the perfect candidate. Discover how recruiters get the most out of Facebook job advertising in this blog post! 

Let’s get started!

Now that you’ve gotten through the basics of online recruitment, you can get started. Keep these tips in mind and roll up them sleeves! 👐

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