11 HR tech tools to use in your recruitment process

11 HR tech tools to use in your recruitment process

Technology has made itself indispensable in the recruitment world. Recruiters and HR people can use an increasing amount of tools to aid their productivity and automate their HR processes efficiently and precisely. They’re developed to make multitasking easier, as the typical recruiter generally has plenty of tasks to manage, like a full-time juggler! Besides, tools make the recruitment process more pleasant as well, contributing to an efficient candidate experience. We’ve listed the best HR tech tools in this blog post so you can benefit from this win-win situation as well!

1. Job Page Grader

Our first favorite HR tech tool has to do with the recruitment process, which obviously starts with the vacancy page. It’s not a big surprise that writing a vacancy is the first step where it often goes sideways… Job Page Grader is a handy tool that detects content that won’t work well with your potential candidates. When you upload your vacancy page URL in this tool, it gives you tips and suggestions for improvements. It analyses your engagement, ease of application, optimisation level for web and mobile pages and the overall performance of your vacancy page. It also assesses the readability, your word choice, sentence length and the quality of your content is assessed. Job Page Grader also checks for possible gender bias, which can be a very sensitive topic for some candidates. 

2. Heroes Jobs

Heroes Jobs allows you to create short videos of around 1 minute to introduce your organisation. This way, your candidates get an instant impression of the working environment, and you can visually elaborate on the tasks the successful candidate will be performing. Storytelling has become an important element in informing the candidates about your organisation and the job in question. Another advantage: company videos will also contribute to your employer branding! A welcome bonus.

3. Crystal

Crystal works through an extension you can add to Google Chrome. This tool helps you create an individual approach for every candidate. Crystal analyses the profile and activity of candidates on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. The tool collects information about how to best address the candidate, which content they are attracted to, etc. Warning: don’t go too far with tools like these and limit yourself to relevant information from a social media profile. You don’t want the candidate to experience your individual approach as an invasion of their privacy.

4. Revere

Admit it; forgetting things is human, and it happens more often than we’d like. Revere can help recruiters with this! With Revere, you are able to maintain a database that helps you to network. This tool allows you to dump all sorts of information like your new employee’s name, the hobbies of your boss’ kids, the birthdays of your colleagues, the list goes on. It’s also very user-friendly: you can add to your database from multiple devices, and you can get it to send you notifications…

5. Talview

Talview helps you to synchronise your candidate assessments, interviews, hires, and rejections online. Through an ingenious combination of AI, NLP, Machine Learning, and Psycholinguistics, it can automate significant chunks of your recruitment process. The Instahiring Experience of Talview automatically screens your candidates and selects the most relevant applications for you. On top of all that, Talview facilitates video interviews as well! This one had to make it onto our our list of favorite HR tech tools!

6. Trello

Trello is a project management tool that can make your job as a recruiter a lot easier. Trello allows employees to inform and update each other about different tasks and responsibilities in a transparent and organised way. When you start a new recruitment campaign, you can create a new Trello board and invite your colleagues to join and collaborate. This tool is flexible, versatile, and you can personalise it to suit your different projects perfectly.

7. Evernote

Evernote is a productivity app that paves the way for an improved workflow. You can store information that you need later on: ideas for blog posts, apps that you’d like to explore, websites to check out, and so on. But there’s more. You can make notes during meetings, create checklists, and synchronise information across different platforms. In the interview phase, you can use Evernote to add your notes to the candidate’s profile and share it with your team to keep everyone up-to-date in the process.

8. Kununu Company Q&A tool

Two-way communication with candidates is considered indispensable for a good candidate experience. A relevant tool that contributes to this is the Kununu Company Q&A tool. It works as follows: candidates visit your Kununu profile and ask their questions about, for example, long-term career opportunities during the stages of the application process. The tool then sends you an email that prompts you to answer the queries. This provides specific insights for your candidates (their questions get answered) and you find out what your typical FAQs are so you can anticipate them in the future.

9. MightySourcer

MightySourcer works via a free Google Chrome extension that allows you to identify passive candidates on different social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This way, you can effectively target this more challenging group of potential talent. Plus, with ads on services like Facebook Ads, you are guaranteed to reach more candidates. Watch out: always stick to relevant information available on the social media profile of the candidate only.

10. EasyHire

It wouldn't be our favorite HR tech tools list without EasyHire, a video interviewing platform that allows you to interview your candidates via a recorded video. An advantage of this tool is that you can judge your candidates based on several different metrics. You can even add real-time challenges. Are you looking for an IT specialist? Why not create a coding challenge for your candidates?

11. sympl

One last crucial tool, drum roll…, is us! our  sympl software helps you launch successful recruitment campaigns. We know that a very big struggle for HR professionals is to find motivated and qualitative candidates. Which is why we’ve created a solution for you! Our technology targets passive job seekers through social media campaigns. It uses artificial intelligence to optimize campaigns every 6 hours. We want only the best result for your campaigns! Need more guidance? Don’t worry, our recruitment experts are available to guide you! Click here to learn more about how Sympl software can help you find the best candidates and get started today

Easy breezy!

These HR tech tools make many a recruiter’s life easier in several ways: organisation, structure, and productivity, … There are millions of tools out there, but it’s important to find out which tools fit the needs of your organisation best. We’ve listed a few known winners here, just to get you started, and we’ll share our favourite online recruitment tools in another blog post!
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