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Customer Success Stories

Westmalle vond werknemers via online rekrutering

"Thanks to sympl's targeted ads, we received more than 200 candidates for three vacancies"

Bart Wellens - Commercial director

As a true Trappist brewery, we work in a close team. We had three great positions to fill, but not the time to work on them.

We don't have an in-house HR department, so finding the right candidates is a time-consuming task. Fortunately, sympl was able to help us with this.

From writing the job ads, designing the advertisements, to devising the campaigns, sympl really took all the work out of our hands.

More focused and digital, that's what we were looking for. And that's exactly what we found at sympl. They provided a targeted campaign and a huge influx of candidates, which allowed us to focus on making the right match for our company.

Westmalle Trappist Brewery makes real Trappist beer: small-scale and conscious.🍻

Sumitomo Drive Technologies vond werknemers via online rekrutering

"sympl assisted us in completing a difficult technical vacancy"


At Sumitomo Drive Technologies, we mainly used traditional communication channels for our vacancies, but they were not efficient and effective enough. A high engagement of candidates remained out of reach, especially for the more difficult technical positions. I needed a more targeted approach, and for this, I decided to go with sympl.

I provided the necessary information after which sympl created the vacancy text, the advertising material and the visuals. All this work was taken out of my hands. sympl set up a targeted campaign that allowed us to finally reach passive job seekers. And with success: we received 13 strong candidates.

sympl's approach is dynamic, young, and innovative. We were pleased with that. The next collaboration is already in the planning.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies is a global designer, manufacturer and supplier 🌍 of high-precision and standard transmissions, personalized drive solutions, and industrial gearboxes. Hansen Industrial Transmissions - with 100 years of expertise in drive technology 🦾 - is an important part of this.

Futech vond werknemers via online rekrutering

"Through sympl we could now reach passive jobseekers"


Thanks to sympl, we effortlessly received 60 candidates, in a sector where workers are difficult to find. With a special algorithm, we were able to reach the right target group and also address passive job seekers with the right ads.

In addition, the process itself went very smooth. I filled in a questionnaire and supplied all the visual material and sympl did the rest. But with the necessary transparency: so we could easily view all the data, from the beginning to the end of the campaign.

Futech is a major market player in solar panels and green energy in Flanders. We do more than install, we also innovate. We strive for the highest quality solutions for the renewable energy market in Flanders.☀️

PointerPro vond werknemers via online rekrutering

"A flexible collaboration from beginning to end"


Pointerpro is growing fast and there are often vacancies open. However, traditional communication channels did not have the desired reach, so I started looking for a more innovative and digital approach. I wanted to reach people where they spend a lot of time: on social media. And that is how I ended up at sympl.

The onboarding process went very well. I went through the intake - step by step - and provided the necessary information. sympl then took care of the rest: from the vacancy text, and the advertising material to the visuals. Thanks to sympl's special algorithm, we were able to reach the right target group on various social media channels. Successfully: 62 candidates applied for our position.

Pointerpro (formerly Survey Anyplace) is a fast-growing Belgian online software company. 🖥️ We develop and commercialize a unique application used by companies of all sizes to create engaging online questionnaires and personalized reports. 📊 Our customer base is widely spread across 56 different countries. With more than 50% of our users in the US.

European Resuscitation Council vond werknemers via online rekrutering

"sympl's campaigns increased brand awareness on social media"


The European Resuscitation Council is a small organization with a very specific purpose. And this sometimes makes it difficult to fill vacancies. After all, we lack the brand awareness and resources to communicate to a wider audience. At sympl, we found a solution for this: targeted social media campaigns that could reach our target audience. As a result, our organization got more attention on social media and we received 87 interesting candidates.

sympl's software makes everything a bit easier, including ranking and tracking candidates. This made the whole recruitment process quick and efficient.

The European Resuscitation Council wants to create nations of lifesavers, and communities ready to respond to cardiac arrest 🙌. To achieve this, we create evidence-based guidelines, training, and education. We work with motivated people who want to change hearts 💖 as well as heads.

Homeras vond werknemers via online rekrutering

"Sympl is flexible - both in terms of cooperation and approach"


At HomeRAS, we regularly need new employees, but it was difficult to find the right candidates. Every vacancy is different and requires a different approach. At sympl, I found that kind of flexibility.

sympl set up the initial campaigns for us, including creating the campaign materials and the necessary testing. They made sure that the right target group was seeing the right ads on the relevant channel. Then we got to work ourselves. We were able to duplicate and adapt existing campaigns, which is very useful for similar vacancies. It also allowed us to set up our own recruitment campaign on social media.

"Through sympl, we can reach a large number of potential candidates. We already found 198 candidates for eight different positions."

HomeRAS provides emergency assistance to people with fire insurance coverage. Using SoSimply, they make their network of qualified and experienced professionals available for maintenance, repair, and renovation work. This simplifies everything. SoSimply, So quick, So effective.. 💪🏻

Sarawak vonden passieve kandidaten via online rekrutering

"The effectiveness of sympl is impressive, within no time we found 514 candidates for 23 vacancies"

Wim Wauters - Managing Director

We often need new employees for short periods, for example for special (sales) activities. However, this is a difficult target group to reach.

With the help of the sympl algorithm, we were able to reach these so-called passive candidates in a much more targeted and efficient way. Many vacancies also means a lot of work to be done, but sympl simplified the entire application process.

We no longer had to publish and manage everything separately, we were able to get all ads live instantly on various platforms. We were also able to screen, follow up and contact the many candidates very easily with sympl’s software.

Sarawak Belux is a company with a central role in the Belgium’s Field Marketing & Brand Activation sector.💄

online rekrutering kris de leeneer

"With the help of sympl's targeted digital campaigns, we were finally able to reach the right audience"

Kris De Leeneer - CEO

Our company is growing rapidly, and we need a lot of new employees to match that growth. From Driver CE, Transport Planner to Warehouse Team Leader — we had several positions to fill in a short time. As a family business, we are obviously happy with this growth, but finding suitable candidates isn’t always easy. With the help of sympl, we were able to set up targeted campaigns and reach the right target audience. And we had great results: we found as many as 512 candidates for ten campaigns.

sympl facilitates the entire recruitment process, including the analysis and follow-up of many candidates. The software is user-friendly and intuitive, which allowed us to use it independently. And thanks to sympl's initial screening - via targeted questions - we could very easily select the most suitable candidates for our company.

Kris De Leeneer is a logistics service provider with many years of experience.🚚

Biolectric: sympl are our fixed online recruitment partners

"sympl already helped us in the search for 20 different profiles, from sales to administration to technician."

Klaas Vanhee - Head of Growth

As a young Belgian company, we have rapidly conquered the European market. As a result, we were urgently looking for new staff, from sales to administration to technicians, in Belgium, France and even Germany. We don't have an in-house recruiting team and,

to be honest, we didn't have much time to deal with the influx of candidates. sympl has been able to help us with this every time. They provided us with a large supply of candidates, and we did the assessment and follow-up. This way, we could really focus ourselves on the growth of our company.

Since then, sympl has been our fixed recruitment partner, both for functions in Belgium, as well as abroad. In the meantime, we’ve already filled 16 vacancies via sympl.

Biolectric produces innovative compact installations that convert methane gas into green energy on farms. In other words: they make energy from 💩.

Pizzahut: sympl helped us with recruiting on social media

"The campaigns on social media not only provided us with candidates, but also with brand awareness."

Anne Laure De Winter - Recruiter

We were urgently looking for Shift Leaders for two branches. sympl has helped us enormously in finding motivated candidates. The sympl team consists of real experts in the field of data-driven recruitment. With our feedback, they were able to optimize the campaign several times in order to look for Shift Leaders in an even more targeted manner.

The social media campaigns not only provided us with candidates, but also ensured that our new offices were put in the picture. Two birds with one stone. We received positive feedback from candidates stating that they found this way of applying very original and easy.

Pizza Hut has more than 12,000 restaurants in 86 countries... They serve the world's most famous 🍕.

VPK: sympl's knowhow on social media recruitment helped us

"Thanks to sympl's knowledge and experience, we found the 4 technical profiles we needed."

Stijn Dammekens - Talent Acquisition Specialist

sympl helped us in the most difficult phase of the recruitment process: finding suitable candidates. VPK Packaging Group’s location is hard to reach, and staffing agencies were not able to find candidates that were willing to go there.

We filled four different technical vacancies thanks to their innovative way of recruiting, for one of which we even found 3 qualified candidates! The big advantage is that sympl has the knowledge and experience to optimize recruitment campaigns on social media. This way, we got a lot of inflow of passive jobseekers, something we did not get with staffing agencies.

VPK Packaging Group is a company active in the paper industry since 1935. ♻️

National Lottery: sympl helped us recruit with Facebook job adverts

"In just two days, we received 108 applications thanks to sympl's highly targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram."

HR Business Partner

sympl is not a regular recruitment company. At the National Lottery, we were looking for profiles with specific FMCG experience. Those kinds of profiles are often not the first to apply to a company like ours.

sympl helped us by targeting these candidates with targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks to sympl's user-friendly software, the Hiring Managers were able to do the initial screening. Afterwards, our HR Managers followed up on the procedures. The speed of the process was a very positive experience for us.

The National Lottery is one of the 64 Top Employers Belgium. They know that organizations are made by people! 🚀

Lumco: sympl's recruiting software helped us find ideal applicants

"In less than 30 days, we found a Financial Project Manager thanks to sympl's technology!"

Hans Van Hooland - Owner/ Managing Director

Thanks to sympl's innovative technology, we quickly found a Financial Project Manager. As an SME specializing in the insulation and densification of flat roofs, it is not always easy to win the war for talent against the big players in the market.

sympl's job advertising campaigns ensured a continuous influx of passive candidates. We knew the power of social media in recruitment, but we needed a good partner to set it all up. We found that with sympl.

Lumco has been a specialist in insulating and compacting flat roofs for more than 100 years. 🏠

BD MyShopi: sympl knows how to reach passive candidates

"Their knowledge in the field of reaching passive candidates is the reason we chose sympl."

Ive van der Auweraert - Staffing Distribution Manager

We were looking for a large number of couriers with self-employed status. As for our recruitment partner, we were looking for someone who could launch a large-scale marketing campaign in order to reach as many people as possible in a short span of time.

sympl succeeded in attracting more than 150 compelling candidates; something we had not yet succeeded in doing. Their job advertisement campaigns on Facebook & Instagram were very professional, which also had a positive impact on our employer branding.

sympl’s software is simple and easy to use. Their great follow-up and guidance allows us to look back on a very successful cooperation.

BD myShopi stands for door-to-door campaigns for everyone. It has grown into the number 1 omnichannel activation platform in Belgium. 📬

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Customer Success Stories

Amspec: sympl's hiring tool helped us recruit technical profiles

"sympl helped us find a Lab Technician in the Port of Antwerp."

Stefany Timmermans - HR Manager

Before we worked with sympl, we mainly did our recruitment searches ourselves, with the help of agencies. However, the search for specific technical profiles is not always easy.

sympl’s innovative approach gave us the opportunity to reach the right candidates in a more professional and effective way.

For example, we were looking for a Lab Technician who has to work in round the clock shifts, which was no easy task. Despite that, we managed to find several people who have now been working for us for a few months and are doing extremely well!

We were pleasantly surprised by the number of candidates we received, and also with how "on the nose" the different candidates were. The guidance sympl offered along with the software was very refreshing.

AmSpec is the largest inspection company in the United States within the Oil, Gas, Chemical and Agriculture industry. AmSpec Belgium's home base is in the Port of Antwerp. 🚢

Statamat: sympl helped us recruit with their job advertisements

"sympl found nearly 100 candidates for our Technician Detection Fire Protection vacancy."

Eddie Van Raemdonck - Manager

We are a small company based in Evergem that specializes in fire safety. When we came into contact with sympl, we had been looking for a very specific position for quite a while: a fire detection technician. In good spirits, we first started looking ourselves, but to no result.

Then, we took it a step further to a staffing agency but to no avail. For sympl, it was the first time they had looked for this type of profile. We were quickly surprised by the number of candidates that they soon helped us find through their job advertisements.

What appealed to us about sympl's technology was the chatbot feature. This gave us the opportunity to already make a first selection. It allowed us to ask a very specific question to test the candidates' knowledge. In my opinion, sympl's greatest asset is their ability to reach passive candidates. In the end, we hired someone, which was the icing on the cake for us. sympl had made the search a success.

Statamat is active in firefighting, detection, evacuation, and audits for fire safety. 🧯

Hypotheek.winkel: sympl's job advertisements proved useful

"Thanks to a national campaign through sympl, we found 7 Commercial Advisors for our local branches."

Sophie Van Oers - Recruiter

We came to sympl during our search for several Commercial Advisors. Hypotheek.winkel is growing rapidly, so many new local branches were opening in a short period of time. sympl gave us the opportunity to recruit with a very regional focus.

Our franchisees themselves have little knowledge and experience with HR, so sympl was able to help us enormously.

Through its social media job advertisements, sympl was able to reach a large audience. That way, we came into contact with candidates that we might not have considered at a first glance.

Their user-friendly system, the good interim follow-up, and the quantity of candidates made it a successful cooperation for us. They also listened to us: When we gave feedback, it was always acted upon. After four campaigns, 7 candidates eventually started at Hypotheek.winkel.

Hypotheek.winkel is the expert in the field of home loans and has more than 100 branches in Flanders! 💰

Wirix: sympl's online recruitment tools helped us find candidates

"sympl taught us to think outside-the-box, which in turn helped us find a Garden Architect."

Philip Wirix - Manager

Through our collaboration with sympl, we have come to understand our market better. We have learned that for our recruitment we need to think outside-the-box. Before, we were mainly focused on candidates with the right diploma and/or enough years of experience.

Now, we know better, and assess candidates with an open mind. As a result, we have come into contact with very compelling profiles, who we might not have invited for an interview a year ago.

sympl managed to reach passive candidates through their job advertising campaigns. Even a difficult profile, like a Garden Architect, was no problem for them. Thanks to sympl’s technology, we were able to start working with a landscaper only after 30 days of searching. We recommend this innovative way of recruitment to everyone.

Tuinen Wirix takes care of all sorts of gardens. With 13 years of experience, they know the tricks of the trade. 🌳

WZC Nottebohm: sympl helped us with social media recruitment

"sympl is very strong in reaching out to candidates who are not looking for a job."

Geert Deschacht - Director

Thanks to sympl, after two weeks we found a Head of Department for our residential care center in Antwerp. We were very pleasantly surprised by the overall speed of the recruitment process. sympl managed to translate our values into successful social media campaigns.

In this way, we found candidates who perfectly fit our vision. Thanks to this innovative way of recruiting, we came into contact with candidates that we could never have reached before. We also received feedback from candidates stating that it was a very nice way of applying.

WZC Nottebohm creates a warm home for each resident. They strive daily for the highest possible quality of life. 👵🏻

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